Tax Preparation
  • Tax Problem Resolution: TaxProblem Resolution includes preparation of back taxes, audit representation and Offers in Compromise for taxes owed. As CFE and Enrolled Agents with the IRS, we are licensed to represent you before the IRS in any tax matter.
  • Payroll Service
  • Sidway Consultants, offers complete payroll services, including:
  • Calculate and manage all federal and state tax liabilities for personnel, including out-of-state employees
  • Generate payroll reports
Accounting and Auditing Services
  • At SIDWAY, we use audit as a tool for identifying opportunities for improved profitability and efficiency. SIDWAY audits are designed to be relevant and helpful, full of practical information that clients can use going forward. Our audits are customized, meaningful, useful, and opportunistic.

    With a broad range of audit procedures in hand, we design our audits to meet client needs based on planning with management and, when appropriate, the audit committee.
    Footnote disclosures, for instance, are written in a simple manner to explain important aspects of the financial position and operational results of the company.
    While financial statements are generally issued in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), other solutions are sometimes available to avoid the complexities that are mandated by GAAP. Some of these alternatives include GAAP exceptions, income tax basis financial statements, or other comprehensive basis of accounting (OCBOA) financial statements.

    • Financial Auditing
    • Compliance Auditing
    • Operational Auditing
    • Process/Control Implementation
    • Internal Controls
    • Compilation of Financial Statements
    • Annual Testing of Controls over Financial Statements

    We encourage you to learn more about our four primary audit services.
    Sidway Consulting team brings years of audit experience and provide a cost effective solution in the audit process through in-depth analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, and overall business processes. Our consultants will ensure that the appropriate resources are aligned with your organization’s needs at the appropriate points in each project and at the appropriate time.

Fraud Investigation
  • Our fraud service professionals work with clients and their legal counsel to identify and resolve fraudulent activities. We work hand in hand with the legal team, providing analyses that document and retell the events which transpired. We also provide expert testimony to explain these technical details to the court.

    With respect to fraud-related services, Sidway’s team specializes in recreating documentation that has been altered or destroyed, thereby concealing the true economic basis of a transaction or deceiving financial information users. We also evaluate the legitimacy of latent transaction documentation, permitting transpired events to be recreated and understood. Sidway’s 17+ years of experience with business processes, internal controls, and fraud analyses permit us to successfully perform these activities for attorneys.

Bookkeeping Services
    • Accounts receivable and payable
    • General Ledger preparation
    • Notary public service

    Our payroll service organizes and schedules all tax withholding, filing and payments, in addition to quarterly, end-of-year filings and state payroll obligations. We’ll take care of these details and more so you can concentrate on your business. 

    See our online payroll resources – Payroll Calculators