Experience in the cloud computing industry, Allele Consulting has built industry leading experience and expertise in services and a proprietary methodology for success.

Accelerating Cloud Migration

During the discovery process to ongoing administration and maintenance, Allele Consulting provides end-to-end enterprise cloud migration services for every need of your organization from private, to public, as well as hybrid cloud models.

Note that not every single application is prepared for the public cloud. We help you make the right decisions for your organization.

Whether you’re the beginning steps of the migrating process to Enterprise we work with your established procedures or provide your organizations solutions such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and USaaS solutions built on AWS®, Microsoft™, Google™, VMware® or OpenStack®, we have the certified specialists who can help make it a success.

Secure Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy & Readiness

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Optimization

Our Framework for Success

Plan & Design
Build and Configure
Execute and Migrate
Transform and Scale

Cloud Discovery…
Before Data Migration

Before beginning our work and move a single workload, our Allele Consulting discovery team works with your organization to plot a course of action that will accomplish your business goals.

Our team will learn your organization application dependencies, enterprise assets, any migration move groups in addition to exclusive business considerations while cooperating with the migration team. Working as cohesive unit we will devise a complete migration strategy that not only moves your enterprise workloads, but augments them for the cloud, assisted by world class reports and data to support your enterprise governance.

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